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Epoxy Resin post Insulators
Source:泰德科技 | Posted:2015-12-03 | Browse: 1037 【Close this page

Epoxy Resin post Insulators

Epoxy Resin post Insulators are designed to supporting compact designing at last possible as well as high geometrical accuracy and great ease of processing.

Mechanical strength for Epoxy Resin post Insulators:

The impact strength of porcelain insulators to that of Epoxy Resin are a few times less . It is due to this high impact strength that ” ARALDITE ” cast resin insulators show an all round better performance under short circuit conditions as well as during transport and installation and assembly works.
Because of not having glaze on the outside surface , there is no possibility of surface crack or fracture.

Electrical strength for Epoxy Resin post Insulators:
The dielectric strength of epoxy resin is high , also because of non organic filler in the resin , a very good arc resistance is given.
Since the metalic parts can be casted into the insulator providing one solid component , as well as better installation , in the high voltages they prevent to discharge corona and so the creep distance can be increased.
Thus the overall height of insulators can be decreased when the voltages are equally applied.
In the case of high surface arching the epoxy resin insulator due to not having glaze and non organic filler , will not breakdown so that the eventual arching can only effect the surface and may easily be cleaned off , this property of epoxy resin insulators thus provides long service life , low maintance and short blackouts.

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