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TID Tech Moved to new office and plant
Posted:2015-11-16 | Browse: 1178 【Close this page

The big event of TID Tech in Oct is that TID tech R&D department moved to the new Research and Invention Center and our new plant in Yangzhou city is runnning!

TID Tech R&D well on in passing 10 month. They successful push the fiberglass loop insulator and silicone rubber insulator into the market and getting the protection by the patent. TID R&D dep also successed in adopt the wave tech and pultrusion tech together and improved our fiberglass pultrusion technology ,so that we get the high bending and torsion strength of fiberglass epoxy tube,fiberglass tube with foam filled.which widely used for hot line tools,fiberglass hot sticks,telescopic hot sticks ,sectional hot sticks and tool handles and the GFRP rod,tube and foam filled tube for tramway as the insulation cross arm.According to the requirement from the customer ,we are developing the new generation of the fiberglass duct rodder for matching with pipe inspection and the new wheel of the duct rodder with can save space and easy to replace the part .

Our new Yangzhoug plant will involved in below products: fiberglass rod,fiberglass tube, insulation sticks , high voltage testing equipment ,polymer insulator,polymer fuse cut out,composite surge arrester ,wall bushing and transformer bushing and so on.

With the new workshop and new office ,TID Tech will have a fast growing in the near future!

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