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Source:本站原创 | Posted:2017-08-29 | Browse: 470 【Close this page

Of all hardware on a line,glass and pin insulators are usually most effected by corrosion. Because of their physical shape and orientation on the line.Corrosion of the insulator pin occurs due to corrosive mediums(dirt/dust)collecting at the pin-cement interface within the pin holder. The orientation of the disc,while in-service(pin facing to ground)also prevents the pin holder area being washed clean during rain,resulting in a localised corrosive cell froming at the pin holder area.The galvanising protective layer is corroded away and general corrosion of the steelsubstrate takes place. The rate of the corrosion is sometinmes accelerated by the presence of leakage currents due to dirty insulator discs(pollution of discs).Pin corrosion is more prominent within the first three to four discs within a string of insulators.

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