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Source:本站原创 | Posted:2017-08-29 | Browse: 456 【Close this page

Visual inspection of line hardware is generally difficult due to chece items being elevated. However,In most cases corrosion can be identified bu means of binoculars in the form of rust staining,black deposits and discoloration.

The forms of corrosion most often encountered on line hardware are general pitting,crevice and galvanic corrosion.These components would mostly be hot dip galvanised years. The metallic coating orrodes preferentially to the mild steel or cast iron and subsequently,depletes with time. This results in corrosion of the carbon steel substrate,which may cause failure. In most cases once corrosion has started on the these components,replacement would be recommended due to the practical difficulties in corrosion protection. Testing of corrosion protection system prior to use is therefore extremely important.

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