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Source:本站原创 | Posted:2017-08-12 | Browse: 791 【Close this page

Good condition fo the nuts and bolts of a structure is clearly extremely important with respect to the overall integrity of the structure. The bolting materials of structures are usually the first areas on a structure to corrode. This is due to the fact that,Once in position,these components are difficult to protect due to the crevices,And if they have been painted or galvanised prior to erection of a structure,the corrosion protection system becomes damaged when being tightened or torqued.

In addition,The edges of the nuts and bolts are generally the weakest areas with respect to corrosion due to the tendency of the protective coating to draw back from the edges. Corrosion would usually be first noticable at the edges, But later will affect the entire component if not protected timeously.Once exfoliation of the nuts and bolts is evident, Replacement would be required.

Additional protection fo the nuts and bolts can be carried our with the same material as the rest of the structure ,Or alternatively,Where only the nuts and bolts are showing signs of corrosion,petrolatum based paste and flexible modified acrylic materials can be used.

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