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Mayor visit TID TECH (2016.03.07)
Source:http://www.tidpower.com | Posted:2016-03-17 | Browse: 2704 【Close this page

As the advanced technology enterprise ,we was rewarded a great honour by our city mayor.

On Mar 07,Weinan city mayor visited TID tech and give us a high praise for what TID tech done in the passed year in research and developing the new technology and used it into our manufacture.

TID tech GM give the visit group a full introduction about TID tech products and the application.

TID tech products cover’s transmission and distribution line insulation parts ,include the insulator,surge arrester, fuse cut out and bushing. TID tech start the project in tramway and railway field last year. The new products include loop insulator,section insulator,GRP rod,GRP tube,GRP oval rod for tramway cantilever system, tension insulator,suspension insulator , cross arm insulator for railway project.

Finally Mayor Wang said that city gov will offer more good policy for the company who have their own technology and put it into the manufacture and the gov will also give strong support to encourage us to export the goods to all of the world.

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