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fiberglass hot stick
Posted:2016-01-08 | Browse: 3394 【Close this page

TID Power is specialized in manufacture the high quality fiberglass stick,fiberglass tube and fiberglass foam filled tube for live line tools according to IEC 60855 international standard.

TID Power use the fiberglass kniting technology and pultrusion technical together to produce the fiberglass stick and tube which increased the bending strength and reduced the deflection rate.

TID Power only use the high quality epoxy resin formular for the live line tool fiberglass rod and tube which have best electrical performance and at least 30% bending strength increased than polyester resin .all products pass 100KV/300mm test with the currenct leakage less than 20uA.

TID Power use special process treat the inner of the tube before filled the tube to increase the bondness between the fiberglass tube inner side and close cell foam .all the foam filled tube must be pass the dry penetration test .

TID power use the top quality insulation painting on the surface of the tube or stick with any color customer like.mainly with yellow,Orange and light green.

TID Power would like to share more info with our friends to improve the quality of the fiberglass rod,fiberglass tube and fiberglass foam filled tube,If you have any new tech to discussing or you need more info about TID Power www.tidpower.com ,Please contact me with daisy_wong2008@hotmail.com

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