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 Congratulations to TID Tech Get cooperation with Iranian Conpany 2015-10-26
    After Several month technical discuss ,TID TECH finally win the big tender of the insulator core rod products from the Iran biggest power transsion and distribution line products Manufacture. During the Iranian customer factory inspecti...
 TID Tech fibreglass fabricators 2015-10-26
    TID Tech Fibreglass FabricatorsTID Tech is engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of Fiberglass products that are designed as per international quality standards and highly appreciated by our clients throughout the country. We buy high ...
 Smart Insulators for Tomorrow’s Smart Grids 2015-10-24
    Smart Insulators for Tomorrow’s Smart Grids A number of trends have recently been driving development of transmission and distribution networks across the globe(from TID Tech) 1.Expected increase in electrical energy consumption by develop...
 Customer Visit 2015-09-14
    On Sep 11-12,2015, Our customer ,Bangladesh Biggest High voltage Tool wholesaler, visited our company ,He visited our new technology wave pultrusion tube producing process , Assemble process and Testing process .He was very satified with ou...
 2.7 Methods of Reducing The Tower Footing Resistance 2015-09-07
    When the tower footing resistance exceeds the design values,modification of the existing installation should be considered.The techniques to achieve this are a combination of the following:counterpoise earthing,vertically driven copper rod ...
 2.5 Indetifying Towers With Possible Earthing Problems 2015-09-06
    There are several ways of determining possible weaknesses in tower footings possible weaknesses in tower footing and earthing.Generally,faults that occur during a lightning storm indicate possible problems associated with tower earthing,and...
 2.4 The Backflashover Mechanism 2015-09-05
    In the context of line faults,frequently asked questions are:what is a backflashover,and what is the role of the tower footing resistance in causing it ? The following describes this process.Note that this is a simplified illustration,and t...
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