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 The harm of transmission line icing to transmission network 2015-11-13
    The harm of transmission line icing to transmission network have two aspect,one is the insulator surface have ice will reduce the electric strength, may occur insulator creepage flashover under running voltage,called Ice Flash; Second, air ...
 Customer Visit 2015-11-11
    Customer Visit It s great pleasure to report that Thailand biggest live line tools distributor visited our company alone with the Malaysia Rubber glove manufacture for high voltage live line work . They are coming because our products p...
    声 明 我公司中英文网站上发布的所有新产品已申请专利保护,请勿模仿!对于任何侵权行为,我公司将依法追究相关公司及个人的责任,包括但不限于主体生产商、原材料供应商、销售人员、设计人员、生产人员、采购人员的相关责任!渭南泰德科技发展有限责任公司2015...
 TID Products 2015-11-07
    After years of developing ,TID products covers fiberglass insulation materials and the polymer rubber products for high voltage transportation and distribution line.TID Tech head office located in the Weinan High technology development Zone...
 In the last week of Oct,TID tech sale team got a great achievement! 2015-11-04
    From Oct 26 to Oct 31,Nation sales won the big tender from Baoji city Utility ,The Head officer of the Utility highly glorified TID tech products which in high technology and stable quality.They give the full project to TID tech which inclu...
 Using Less Creepage for Silicone Insulators 2015-11-02
    Composite insulators are today quite widely used and well-accepted throughout the world. In China, for example, there several million (by some estimates as many as 5 million or more) such insulators already in service on HV transmission lin...
 FRP rod applied in agriculture 2015-10-27
    In order to promote the laver offshore development comprehensively , through two years of exploration, at present, FRP inserted pole well replaced the traditional tools- bamboo in laver breeding with its advantage of strong ability to resis...
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