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 Regulations for Tree Trimming Near Power Lines 2015-12-09
    Regulations for Tree Trimming Near Power LinesTree trimming around power lines can be a hazardous task if it is not undertaken with caution. Hiring unqualified workers or attempting to do it yourself can put lives in jeopardy. Tree trimming...
 OSHA High-Voltage Regulations for Live Line Tools 2015-12-09
    OSHA High-Voltage Regulations for Live Line ToolsLive line tools are used to work on energized power lines. Electrical maintenance is usually performed with power lines or equipment that has been deenergized. On rare occasions, a system can...
 The property list of pull-extruded fiberglass products 2015-12-05
    The property list of pull-extruded fiberglass products Propertiestest methodunit LW/CW Value LW/CWtensile strengthASTM D638/GB1447-83 MPa210/75tension modulusASTM D638/GB1447-83 GPa22/10bending strengthASTM D790/GB1448-83 MPa302/76bending ...
 Epoxy Resin post Insulators 2015-12-03
    Epoxy Resin post InsulatorsEpoxy Resin post Insulators are designed to supporting compact designing at last possible as well as high geometrical accuracy and great ease of processing.Mechanical strength for Epoxy Resin post Insulators:The i...
 Arcing horn design presentation 2015-11-26
    Arcing horn design presentation First. OverviewArcing horn known as the angle gap is overhead electric transmission line insulator protection fittings.In IEC publications, arcing horn is listed as insulator string attachment (hardware) Abou...
 TID Tech Moved to new office and plant 2015-11-16
    The big event of TID Tech in Oct is that TID tech R&D department moved to the new Research and Invention Center and our new plant in Yangzhou city is runnning!TID Tech R&D well on in passing 10 month. They successful push the fiberg...
    ALUMINIUM ALLOY CABLE CLAMP TECHNICAL DATA SHEET 1.Application:The cable clamp is designed for fixing the cable on the wall of the tunnel, cable trench, etc., and it is suitable for 1*300 and 2.75kV cable.The cable clamp made by high str...
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