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 Composite Railway Insulator 2017-07-13
    Structure: Silicone rubber housing, FRP core, end-fittings. keep the core and housing strongly bonded without any space, with best internal insulating performance, and could avoid the puncture occurred on interface.Features:1.Light weight, ...
 Insulator Selection Parameters 2017-05-22
    When selecting insulators,it’s necessary to describe the insulator parameters by the following terms:1.Creepage Distance shortest distances the sum of the shortest distances along the surface on an insulator between two conductive parts ...
 Character of TID tech fiberglass hot stick 2016-03-26
    Character of TID tech fiberglass hot stick Standard: We manufacture our fiberglass hot stick strict according to IEC 60855 and ASTM F711 standard. Material :All the fiberglass we used are electrical grade finished type which have good elect...
 TID Tech cooperation with XD group 2016.03,09) 2016-03-17
    XI'AN XD ARRESTER CO.,lTD cooperate with TID Tech in high voltage surge arrester project in international market.We have the CESI test certification on Y10W5-198/485 according to IEC60099-4 and KEMA test certification on 72-420kV class 3 po...
 Mayor visit TID TECH (2016.03.07) 2016-03-17
    As the advanced technology enterprise ,we was rewarded a great honour by our city mayor.On Mar 07,Weinan city mayor visited TID tech and give us a high praise for what TID tech done in the passed year in research and developing the new tech...
 TID Tech fiberglass hot stick passed ASTM F711 test (2016.02.08) 2016-03-17
    TID tech 4.8M fiberglass foam filled sectional hot stick passed ASTM F711 test in Research and Development Department Electrical Equipment Testing Division (High Voltage Equipment Testing Section which opened the door for TID tech fiberglas...
 fiberglass hot stick 2016-01-08
    TID Power is specialized in manufacture the high quality fiberglass stick,fiberglass tube and fiberglass foam filled tube for live line tools according to IEC 60855 international standard.TID Power use the fiberglass kniting technology and ...
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