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 Pultrusion 2013-10-15
    1 - Continuous roll of reinforced fibers/woven fiber mat2 - Tension roller3 - Resin Impregnator4 - Resin soaked fiber5 - Die and heat source6 - Pull mechanism7 - Finished hardened fiber reinforced polymerIn the standard pultrusion process t...
 Using TID Insulator fittings ,Your right choice 2013-07-30
    There are several reason why your first choice is to use TID Insulator fittings. Also we are pleasure to offer you more details if you are interested. 1. The advantage of technology 1.1 Excellent hot – galvanizing technology. a. Shinin...
 Connection Structure of insulator metal fitting and FRP core rod 2012-08-27
    Insulator metal fitting and FRP core rod connection structure: How to connect the end metal fitting with FRP core rod is the key technology of manufacturing the composite insulator. On some extent ,the insulator quality depends on th...
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