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6kV/5kA Polymer Surge arreter
Posted:2016-12-09 | Browse: 2246 【Close this page

Polymer Surge arreter 6kV/5kA

1.Product Type:

Surge arrester can be divided into many types according to its application as below:

Distribution type,power station type,protecting capacitor type,transformer neutral point type ,protecting motor type,electrified railway type,line type.etc.

Line type surge arrester can be divided into series spacing type and without spacing type and in series spacing type can be divided into supporting spacing and sure air spacing type.

2.Main Product Features:

2.1It has a series of outstanding features such as good protection performance,high circulating capacity ,less reaction time,smooth steep-wave characteristic.

2.2 Excellent silicon rubber material is used in composite housing,possessing good anti-tracking and ageing-resistant performance as well as good hydrophobicity ,ion transferring and high pollution proof.

2.3 Special technique and internal structure are used in composite housing surge arrester,possessing higher technical strength and good explosion-proof performance.

3.Service Conditions:

3.1 Ambient Temperature:≥ - 40 ℃≤ + 50 ℃ ;

3.2 Altitude: ≤ 1000m;

3.3 Frequency ≥ 48 Hz ≤ + 50 Hz;

3.4 Power Frequency Voltage exerted long-time on surge arrester shall not exceeds continuous operation voltage;

3.5 Earthquake intensity is not more than 7 grades;

3.6 Wind speed is not more than 35mm/s;

Usage under exceptional conditions shall be negotiated by both parties.


Polymer Surge arreter 6kV/5kA

5. Technical Specification

Polymer Surge arreter 6kV/5kA

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