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Fuse cut out
36kV/100A(200A)Porcelain fuse cut out with Arcchute
Posted:2016-12-09 | Browse: 2067 【Close this page

Porcelain fuse cut out 36kV/100A(200A)with Arcchute

1.Using Environment Conditions:

1.1 Product Normal Using Conditions

1.1.1 Product normal temperature: -40℃~+40℃;

1.1.2 Altitude :≤1000M.

1.1.3 Max. Wind speed :≤ 35m/s.

1.1.4 Earthquake intensity: ≤ 8 degree.

1.2 Product is not suitable for following location:

1.2.1 Inflammation or explosive dangerous area.

1.2.2 Intensive shake or shock area.

1.2.3 Conducting electric,chemical gas as well as heavy pollution & salt fog area.

2.Mouting Method:

2.1 Mountingthe fuse cutout on the bracket and fix it by bolt.

2.2 Setting the fuse cutout to the suitable position and fix it ,making sure it is safe and stable.

2.3 Connecting the conduct wire with upper and lower joint clamp by boltt ,it must be connected firmly.

3.Applied Standard:

IEC 62217IEC60255 IEC60282

4.Technical Character:

Porcelain fuse cut out 36kV/100A(200A)with Arcchute

5. Material

Porcelain fuse cut out 36kV/100A(200A)with Arcchute

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