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24kV Wall Bushing
Posted:2016-12-09 | Browse: 861 【Close this page

24kV Wall Bushing

24kV polymer Capacitance Wall Bushing

1. Service Condition .

1.1.Suitable for power system between 12-550KV.

1.2.Use both indoors and outdoors;

1.3.Abient Temperature:in +145℃ to -200℃;

1.4.Height:≤1000:(Additional design may be made for those above1000m)

1.5.Installation angle:any angle;

1.6.Contamination level:≥III;

2.Main Technical Parameter.


2.2 Rated Voltage(A):24KV Nominal Voltage(KV):20KV

2.3 Rated Current(A):630~6000A;

2.4 Pullution Level:IV

2.5 I min power frequency dry(wet) voltage withstand:55KV

2.6 Full-wave impulse with stand voltage of lightning:125KV;

2.7.Under1.05 times of maximum phase voltage tan:≤0.07;

2.8 Partial discharge at rated voltage:≤10pC

2.9 Bending resistant test load:2500N.

3.Type Explaination.

C-Composite shell F-FRP W-Wall bushing CP-Capacitance

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