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Obstruction LED lights high voltage lines
Posted:2016-12-08 | Browse: 2464 【Close this page


1.General Information:

Recent years, with the developing of the technology , electricity acts as the most important role in our life . The high voltage tranmission line go through the city and the village,accross the high way and the bridge which lead a lot of terriable accident.Although the markings and the signs are there and where,it only works in day time ,but not the night.

So there are a eager big demand for a device which can working in the night.Our high voltage line obstruction LED light can works both day and night, It will alert when the humen, vehicles ,aircrafts or others approach which highly reduced the accident rate .

2. Products Technology Theory and Constitute.

Our high volate line obstruction LED light constitute the main circuit board, LED light ,Induction electric Unit .

Working Theory: Our high voltage line obstrustion LED lights fixed on the high voltage transmission line by the insulation clamp, the industion electric unit takes the electricity from the high voltage line to power the LED light .

3.Applied Technology .

High voltage line obstruction LED light is the device which is the high voltage line alert marker ,especially in night time.

3.1High voltage line electricity collection technology:

Adopted high voltage induction method to collect the electricity as the power ,efficient and convenience.

3.2 LED light technology : The high flashing light can increase the recognizable rate of the alerm device, high brightness with far distance;

4. Main Character.

4.1 Our high voltage line obstruction LED lights is the alert device for the high voltageline ,especially in night.

4.2 Our high voltage line obstruction LED lights are powered by elctricity which induction from the transmission conductor ,no any other power device.

4.3 Our high voltage line obstruction LED lights should be fixed the same electric potencial , applied in 10kV1000kV high voltage line, no any effection on the working line safety.

4.4 Our high voltage line obstruction LED lights adopt the long life LED luminescent device.

4.5 Our high voltage line obstruction LED lights adopt the anti-crossion, rust protection ,waterproof and dust prevention technology which vibration fatigue resistance.

4.6 Our high voltage line obstruction LED lights adapt the extreme bad environment ,without anychanging of the performancein the rainy ,snowy ,ice weather .

4.7 Our high voltage line obstruction LED lights adopt the ball out shape which easy to fix on line .

4.8 Our high voltage line obstruction LED lights works in extreme temperature from -40 ℃ +80℃.

4.9 Our high voltage line obstruction LED lights can anti-electromagnetic interference.

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