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Technical Specification
2、Material:C45 Forged or cast steel;
3、Surface:Hot galvanized , Average of zinc thinkness biger than 85µm;
4、Rockwell Hardness:20-24;
5、Tollerance:ID and crimping OD:±0.1mm;
6、Bending Strengt:6kN,8kN,10kN,11kN,12KN,12.5kN,16KN
or according to customer's strength requirment.
Full Type of Insulator Fittings for Your Chce,Most Convenience Purchase!
We can supplier fittings with severalkinds of material,Cast,forged,stainless,aluminum Alloy.
Cast steel Forged steel Stainless Aluminum Alloy
with our customer to enrich our products rang.
All kinds of Suspension and Tension Insulator fittings from 40KN to 530kn.
All kinds of line Post Insulator Fittings Bending Strength from 3KN to 16KN.
All kinds of Station Post Insulator or Switch Post Insulator flange bending strength from 3KN to 16KN
All kinds of Railway Insulator Fittings : Tension and suspension type ,Cross Arm type ,Post type.
All kinds of insulator accessory: R Pin ,W Pin ,Axle Pin , Locking Pin.
All kinds of other products related to Power Line can be developed for customer.
Cont act us to gt more information .
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The Most Professional and Experienced Insulator Fittings Manufacture !
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Automatic and precise Cast Wax mould Making.System Equipment
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