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FRP hot Sticks
High Voltage Linemen's Tool Fiberglass Telescoping Insulating Operating Sticks
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1. Applied Standard: IEC60855.

2.Voltage: Up to 550kV.

3.Length: up to 13M.

4.Max stage: 10 stages.

5.Color: safety yellow , orange ,green or customer required color.

6.Locking position: designed according customer requirement.

7.Univeral head material : Stainless Steel,Aluminium Alloy ,or Brass.

8.Insulation body part material: Epoxy FRP tube with foam filled .

9.Holding par material t: anti-slip treated painting.

10.Bottom part material : insulated black rubber or FRP block with anti-mouisture design.

11.lockingpart material : White Nylon, Black plastic or locking using FRP block by big and small end.

12.Marking: plastic sticker,print or customer's method.

13.Producing process:

14. Packing: Anti-moisture nylon bag + Carton box + wooden case.

15.Delivery way: by air, sea or couier.

16.Nearest seaport: Qingdao port or Shanghai port.

17.Delivery term:EXW, FOB ,CFR or CIF.

18.Min Order:10 pcs.

19.Delivery time: 2 week to 3 month depends on the order quantity.

20. Regular Dimension form:

22.Relative products:

23.Our main market:

24. Testing:

25.Products application:

26.Advantage of our products:

1.Anti-moisture. Foam filled tube and ventilated bottom design.

2.Anit-slip . Holding part is roughness treated.

3.Convenience and flexible locking system.

4.Absorbing and anti-friction surface.

5.100% electrical performance tested.

6.Offer special design.

7.Most Attractive price.

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