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Overhead Line accessories Automatic Splice
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Overhead Line accessories Automatic Splice

• No special tools are required for installation, no crimping operation;

• Fully tensionable, automatic joints are devices that rely on tension. During installation, the line has at least a tension of 10% or more of the rated breaking strength of the conductor to ensure a reliable electrical connection;

• The current passes through the wire to the metal jaw, and the current flows through the metal jaw to the shell.

• The shell then transfers the current to the metal jaw, and the metal jaw to the wire;

• Reliable electrical conductivity. The loop resistance of the automatic quick connector is not greater than 1.1 times the loop resistance of the equal-length wire, and the metal jaw can penetrate the remaining oxide layer on the surface of the wire;

• Suitable for maintenance and repair of broken lines or new lines;

• State Grid system material number: 500022188-universal joint;

Overhead Line accessories Automatic Splice


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