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Customize 12kv connected High voltage electroscope
Posted:2020-05-11 | Browse: 1061 【Close this page

TID POWER acousto-optic electroscope is based on the requirements of domestic electrical industry departments, drawing on domestic and foreign advantages, and successfully developed the latest "acousto-optic dual" electroscope, which has high electrosensitivity and is not affected by sunlight noise. Using this machine has strong anti-interference, internal over-voltage protection, automatic temperature compensation, full circuit self-test, electronic automatic switch. Ensure safe and reliable work under high voltage and strong electric field. The electroscope shell is made of ABS engineering plastic, and the telescopic insulation rod is made of epoxy resin glass tube. The structure of this machine is reasonable, and it is convenient to use and place. It is the most advanced and ideal product in China at present. Safety equipment necessary for the unit.

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