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High strength insulated rope protection tool for live work
Posted:2020-05-04 | Browse: 975 【Close this page

Insulated rope is suitable for electrical equipment of 500kV and below, when the live work is carried out in a dry and good climate, the mechanism is a multi-strand insulated rope made of silk rope and nylon filament. It is mainly used for high-altitude operations such as power construction, line fittings installation and maintenance, and is suitable for similar jobs such as outside electricians, construction workers, telecommunications workers, wire maintenance, etc.

Products Features

  • High tensile strength and low shrinkage good residency with low heat storage
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Good sound absorption

Process Requirements

  • The strands of each strand and the strands of each strand should be tightly twisted without loose or split;
  • The strands of the rope and the filaments in the strands should be free of defects such as fold marks, bumps, pressure injuries, back strands, cramps, etc., and there should be no disordered, crossed filaments, threads, strands;
  • The joints should be connected with a single wire, no stranded joints are allowed. Monofilament joints should be closed inside the strands and not exposed;
  • Insulated ropes should be produced indoors with well-ventilated and dust-proof equipment. During the production process, bare hands are not allowed to touch, and they must not be contaminated with oil or moisture;
  • The twist pitch of the strands and strands should be uniform over their entire length.

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