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24kv/12.5kN line post insulator
Posted:2020-05-04 | Browse: 428 【Close this page

24kv/12.5kN line post insulator

24kv/12.5kN line post insulator

24kv/12.5kN line post insulator

1.Polymer Insulator Character:

1.1High mechanical strength;
1.2Good performance of hydrophobicity and anti-pollution;
1.3 Excellent electrical Performance;
1.4 Small volume and light weight.

2.TID polymer Insulator Character:

2.1 We adopt the advanced injection producing technology for housing and the design of the shed adopt unique aerodynamics principle.

2.2 Good Raw material :

We use HTV silicone rubber which hydrophobicity can reach to HC1 level

We use hot dip Galvanizing steel fitting ,the thickness of the zinc more than 100 μm.

We use ECR rod as the core which is high acid resistant. 7200Hr testing passed .

2.3 Special marking design.

We use the double seal design between the rubber and the fitting.

We can mark your logo on the fitting or rubber.

2.4 Excellent Manufacture Technology:

Perfect match between fitting and rod

With imported end-fitting crimping equipment ,ensures the mechanical performance of the product

Perfect bound between silicone rubber and the rod.

2.5 The unique end fitting sealing structure improves product sealing reliability

2.6 The strict inspection measures ensure the perfect quality of every product.

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