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TID6000KN crimping machine for polymer insulator
Posted:2018-05-21 | Browse: 507 【Close this page

TID6000KN crimping machine for polymer insulator

Technical parameters:



Max. force of crimp connection kN


Working range

Applied to 530KN and lower grade

Max. working pressure of main die block, MPa


Max Machine Opening Diameter


Max. operating opening of the machine ( including die set )

Max. Mould Crimping Diameter


Max.Machine Opening Diameter


Max. die length, mm


Main machine

L×B×H, mm


Weight, kg


Hydraulic system

L×B×H, mm


Weight ,kg

670 with out oil

Electric control cabinet

L×B×H, mm


Weight ,kg

About 15

Operation mode of crimp connection machine

Manual, Automatic

Control mode

PC control

Electrical Power KW


Efficient Volume of oil Tank L



380V 50Hz

I. The crimp connection machine and its other functions

1. The single cylinder, which is key part, is adopted to perform the crimp connection for power fittings through cine bushing. In addition, high accurate, resistant to wear cylinder, piston rod and sealing elements are adopted to assure the excellent hermetization and durable working life of the machine;

2. The “flexible crimp connection” technique, that is, 6~12 minutes’ time crimp connection and 2 minutes’ time holding pressure is adopted;

3. Both amount of crimp connection and crimp connection pressure applied to controlling processing quality;

4. The machine possesses “pre-press”, “max. limited pressure”, “min. pressure, and “ amount of crimp connection” etc. functions and these parameters can be set and amended. After the parameters have been set the operation of the machine would be performed automatically;

5. There is a specific acoustic emission device for on-line detection and control during processing power fittings in the machine. The curves of “Acoustic emission energy-Time”, “Oil cylinder pressure-Time” can be displayed and the acoustic emission caused by material breakdown can be automatically determined (qualified or unqualified) as well;

6. The parameters and detected results of acoustic emission mentioned above can be stored, played back, and printed (a U-memory is offered to user’s computer for printing;

A cooling device is built-in the hydraulic system to assure continuous work of the machine during summer time (Cooling system should be prepared by user.).

pply for low pressure oil pump can be used as adjust travel of cylinder and the oil supply section for high pressure oil pump can be used as separate main system for tensile strength work test i.e. high pressure oil pump, proportional valve, energy accumulator etc. can be used to make sure that work is steady and hold pressure. The whole system is hydraulic stand for energy saving type.

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